DEAD INFECTION The Lethal Collection CD

Compilation incl. old DI stuff. Songs from:

- „Poppy Seed Cake” EP

- „No Pate, No Mind” EP

- „Partys Over” EP

- „The Greatest Shits” MCD

- „Grind Over Europe 1996” MC

Goregrind cult.




Title: The Lethal Collection

Label: Obscene Prod.

Cat. No.: OBP053

Format: CD

Style: Goregrind


1. Poppy-Seed Cake, 2. Mysterious Wine, 3. Flying Shit In The Outer Space, 4. Gas From Ass, 5. After Accident (Part II), 6. No Pate, No Mind, 7. He Makes Shit Who Makes Shit Last, 8. Death By The Master-Key, 9. We Are All Polish, 10. Where Is General?, 11. Uncontrollable Flatulence, 12. From The Anatomical Deeps, 13. Life of A Surgeon, 14. Her Heart In Your Hands, 15. The Firing Ground, 16. Total Dismemberment of A Female Corpse (Regurgitate cover), 17. Raping The Earth (Extreme Noise Terror cover), 18. D.I., 19. Clean The Scene (Agathocles cover), 20. Slithering Maceration of Ulcerous Facial Tissue (General Surgery cover), 21. Stayin` Alive (Bee Gees cover), 22. Consequence (Ulcerous Phlegm cover), 23. Owce, 24. Prison Without Walls (Napalm Death cover), 25. Pungent Excruciation (Carcass cover), 26. Consequence (Live), 27. Uncontrollable Flatulence (Live), 28. Merry-Go-Round (Live), 29. Fire In The Forest (Live), 30. Tragedy At The Railway Station (Live)

Additional Information

Artist Dead Infection
Style Goregrind
Label Obscene