DEAD INFECTION Human Slaughter... Till Remains CD

Originally released back in 1997, the long out of print CD consisting of DEAD INFECTION’s classic demos is available again. Compiled on one disc, the demos "Start Human Slaughter" (1992) and "World Full Of Remains" (1991) are an essential part of extraordinary musigore history. Newly remastered and repackaged with new artwork and full lyrics, the "Human Slaughter... Till Remains" compilation shows the path to shocking pathological brutality and sickness, just like CARCASS, GENERAL SURGERY, REGURGITATE and others did before.




Title: Human Slaughter… Till Remains

Label: Selfmadegod Rec.

Cat. No.: SMG044

Format: CD

Style: Goregrind


 1. Start human slaughter, 2. In the grey memory, 3. Dead again, 4. Tribe of the glutinous tissue, 5. World full of remains, 6. Rip it, 7. In the name of gore, 8. Torsions, 9. Peritonitis, 10. Intro, 11. Pulsating gore, 12. Day of decay, 13. Intestines change into carrion, 14. A wild stench, 15. Maggots in your flesh, 16. Let me vomit, 17. Fermentation, 18. Gangrene of skin, 19. Haemorrhage of uterus

Additional Information

Artist Dead Infection
Style Goregrind
Label Selfmadegod