SQUASH BOWELS The Mass Rotting - The Mass Sickening CD

Second full-length album released by Obscene Productions.




Title: The Mass Rotting-The Mass Sickening

Label: Obscene Prod.

Cat. No.: OBP044

Format: CD

Style: Goregrind


1. Screams Saints Pig Head, 2. Breaking Those Who Suspend to Talk..., 3. Strong Will, 4. When Memories Came Back..., 5. Dead Nature, 6. Life Business, 7. The Mass Rotting, 8. The Mass Sickening, 9. Behind Pane Hides Hate..., 10. Regulations People Fear, 11. Life & Death, 12. Handsome Scum, 13. Triumph of Act Revenge, 14. Naive Distress, 15. Childhood

Additional Information

Artist Squash Bowels
Style Goregrind
Label Obscene