CARCASS Surgical Steel 2LP

Full length album from 2013 released as double vinyl by Nuclear Blast Records.




Title: Surgical Steel

Label: Nuclear Blast Rec.

Cat. No.: NB3148-1

Format: 2LP

Style: Death Metal


A1. 1985, A2. Thrasher's Abbatoir, A3. Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System, A4. A Congealed Clot Of Blood, B1. The Master Butcher's Apron, B2. Noncompliance To ASTM F899-12 Standard, B3. The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills, C1. Unfit For Human Consumption, C2. 316L Grade Surgical Steel, C3. Captive Bolt Pistol, D1. Mount Of Execution, D2. Intensive Battery Brooding

Additional Information

Artist Carcass
Style Death Metal
Label Nuclear Blast