ENTRAPMENT Lamentations Of The Flesh LP (Black/Red)

Second full-length album released on vinyl by Soulseller Records. Gatefold sleeve, black/red vinyl. Death Metal !! !! !!




Title: Lamentations Of The Flesh

Label: Soulseller Rec.

Cat. No.: SSR072LP

Format: LP

Style: Death Metal


1. Perpetual Impudence, 2. Abhorrence of the Unborn, 3. Proclamation, 4. Lamentations of the Flesh, 5. Unearthly Cries, 6. Seditious Dreamers, 7. The Faithless, 8. Hostile Life, 9. Engulfed by Flames, 10. Engraved, 11. On Carrion Wings

Additional Information

Artist Entrapment
Style Death Metal
Label Soulseller